Video 3: Building Your Own Computer


Our third video, putting everything together

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Video 2: Building Your Own Computer


This is our second video, in this we focus more on the hardware to better help you choose the parts you need.

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Video 1: Building Your Own Computer


Here’s our first video. Wed like to note that all parts were obtained through and, we would recommend using these sites as they are both cheap, reliable and easy to use.

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First Draft Of Our Project

Michael Fox – 12406438

Cathal Hardiman – 12330641


For our Digital Media Project we have decided to develop an instructional video aimed at our class and I.T. classes in general, How to build your own P.C. .The video will cover the various steps and procedures involved demonstrating the surprisingly easy and cheaper alternative to simply buying a Computer in a shop. We will try and make the video entertaining as much as it is informative to engage the viewer.


By the end of our video we will have instructed the viewer on the following:

  1. The necessary equipment required
  2. The assembly process
  3. Installing driver and operating system software
  4. Setting up display and other external devices

We hope that by viewing our video we can encourage people to see the rewards (and savings) that can be experienced when you build your own personalized computer.

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